Facing Doubt

I would be lying if I had told you that doubt has never crept up and punched me right in the jaw on this journey. It has ranged in many manners from figuring out how to pay bills, how will I figure out my next meal all the way to bigger questions such as is... Continue Reading →


Renewed Spirit

Over the Christmas break I had a lovely visit from my mother, coming all the way from Strathmore, Alberta to spend a little time in Denmark and Ireland. For her, this was a once in a lifetime trip. What more could you ask for? Spending the Holiday's with her was special but even more so... Continue Reading →

Goalie Coaching: Denmark

For those who don't know I have had the pleasure to work as a goaltending instructor, primarily in the summer time now, at David Marcoux's School of Goaltending and others around the globe. Most recently, I was a part of Mora IK's U16 elite and regional clubs as my main goaltenders. With that being said,... Continue Reading →

When Roles Change

Over the season course of the season many pieces will change during the season. Players will be moved around from line to line. Injuries, suspensions and illness will alter the game day roster and coaching decisions will need to be made. Recently, I have been a part of such a coaching change. Being shifted from... Continue Reading →

Injury Bug Finally Bit Me…

SOOOOOOO, this is not exactly how I wanted to open up but it is what it is. Comes with life and eventually something is about to happen. For me, it was a little bit of something that I had zero control over. Sunday night I was released from hospital re-bandaged and sent on my way.... Continue Reading →

The Underlying Portion Of Being In This Life.

Another morning rises, sun hitting me in the face. Asking me to rise and create something in this day. What day is it? What week is it? Questions sometimes hard to answer unless you are staring at a calendar. See, for athletes our schedule and our calendar becomes broken in a way that isn't quite... Continue Reading →

Hockey Is Full Of Surprises

As seems to be the usual set of circumstances over the last full calendar year, more surprises and pieces that I was unaware of. Off and on the ice life has been moving at a blistering pace some moments and like molasses at others. Switching teams, moving around the country happened last year in Sweden.... Continue Reading →

Europe & Travel: Career Experience

One big difference I have found in my playing career so far is the length of bus rides. Unlike Canada and the USA, travel seems to be very short. Very rarely have I been on a bus longer than 4 hours while in Sweden. Now, I did not play in the top 3 leagues where... Continue Reading →

Trying To Pick A Country

I love the game of hockey and I feel that you could say I am very proud of being Canadian, it is a special country in a lot of ways but what makes it unique is the game of hockey. As much as I wish that playing in Canada would be an option, we all... Continue Reading →

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